Sunday, November 16, 2008

Open, please? - Learn from it

When you have a house full of 8 year old boys who keep handing you cans and saying, "will you open this please?", really look at the can. Don't just notice the color and assume it is an Orange Crush. When the husband comes home and asks "what happened to my case of Live Wire's?" do not call the parents and try to explain what happened, especially if they have a "no caffeine" rule. Just pretend the whole thing never happened. If they call you out on it, play dumb. "Huh, that really is odd that your kids haven't slept in 24 hours. Mine have been sleeping like babies...."


Crazy Lady said...

I've learned with mine - DENY EVERYTHING!

J from Ireland said...

That is hilarious!!

momsrus said...

I passed the Lemonade award along to you. To receive it visit my blog at The Mom's Book Review.