Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fix My Socks - Hate It

I don't understand the deal with my kids and socks. I wish I had a dollar (or a hug) for every time the phrase "my socks feel weird" was yelled, said, or wined. The socks must be perfect. No creases under the feet, the seam perfectly aligned on the toes. It drives me crazy!!!!!

Do I have weirdo kids, or is this normal?


Crazy Lady said...

My sister use to have temper tantrums - as in full blown kicking and screaming fits over her socks. They had to perfect! I'm so glad none of my kids have her personality! I love her - but as a child she was a handful!

Erin said...

My 21 month old grandson is weird about his socks, but what he does, he takes one off and walks around all day like that. If you try to put the other one back on, he throws a fit. I think that is quite odd!!!!